This goes for every sport.



Confession: I am a recovered bleacher creature.

When my kids were little, I loved to watch my daughters’ dance classes and gymnastics classes. Too much so.

Sure, I rationalized my (over) involvement by telling myself that it was to far to drive home (it wasn’t), that I was just being supportive (that did not require sitting through every last practice) or that I didn’t have anything better to do (really?).

But what I really wanted was to be a part of watching them grow and achieve. Is there anything wrong with that?

Not on the surface. But digging deeper I understood that I was not the only person in the equation. My daughters’ needs and those of their instructors and coaches mattered as well. And my constant presence was neither necessary nor effective in them growing into independent people. Plus, I was inadvertently robbing them of enjoying their activities for…

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