Anne has one funny mind. Here is her observations of gymnastics meets as seen through the eyes of cats, yes cats.


Did you know that October 29 is National Cat Day?

Well, it is!

So, to celebrate our feline friends, here are 24 people you might see at a gymnastics meet, as told through cats.

The gymnast who arrives without her hair done and needs a team effort to be ready on time.

giphy hair cat

The team with the perfectly synchronized warm up routine.

giphy team w perfect warm up

The parent who is trying to stay awake after hour three of watching the same routines over and over.

giphy disappointed cat

The sibling who is really enjoying the snack bar.

giphy cat popcorn

The judge who is overwhelmed by parents rushing to ask about their child’s score.

giphy cat swarmed by dogs

The uncle who cannot understand the scoring system.

giphy confused cat

The coach who over prepares the athlete.

giphy focus cat

The volunteers who got roped into running the floor music.

giphy confused parent running music

The gymnast who need a little more time to perfect that vault.

giphy (97)

The grandma who just keeps waving at her grandchild the entire meet.

giphy cat waving

And the gymnast’s…

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