I’ve always wanted to interview the parents of the top gymnasts and ask how they did it. These quotes are a glimpse into the way these #Goldmedalmoms raised their champions.


From the parentsof the Final Five

Remember: fun is essential. What was the tweet Nellie Biles sent her daughter Simone just before she began her first day of competition? It was this: “Long terms goal is here/embrace the experience and have fun. I love you – Mom.”

 Give her household responsibilities. Think Olympians are exempt from doing their part around the house? Think again. When a fan congratulated Anthony Hernandez, father of Laurie for being “all smiles,” the father quickly mentioned, “She doesn’t smile when she has to do her chores, which are waiting for her.”  Laurie is in good company. According to the Washington Post, Simone’s chores include feeding her four German shepherds, doing the dishes, and cleaning her room.

 Always focus on personal best over victory. The internet blew up at the London games in 2012 with the Raisman’s all too relatable body language as Aly performed.   Mother Lynn explained in an interview…

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