Gymnastics has seen its share of mean, shady, abusive people lately. It has learned some very important lessons and some of those lessons are difficult to learn. As we continue to move through the year, I know there will be times for all of us to tell our stories. Some will be good and some will be bad. I think it is important to continue to tell our stories, because that is how we will continue to learn.

This Summer I was able to work with some amazing people. I talked to them and listened to their stories. I saw the way they influenced other athletes, I watched how they learned from other coaches, I teared up when I heard how gymnastics changed their lives, and I saw how they influenced and changed me.

Some were current or former college coaches. Some were never gymnasts, they just LOVED gymnastics. Some were former college gymnasts. Some were Old-Timers that had been coaching longer than I have been alive, sorry guys:). Some were Judges and National team coaches. Others said they weren’t good gymnasts and that’s why they coached. Two were Olympic coaches. And a few were National, World, or Olympic gymnasts. And ALL taught me something. They ALL LOVED gymnastics.

I have been inspired by my gymnastics family. I met some great people with phenomenal stories and I have met some great people who do great things. I think it is important to tell their stories too. These stories are the reasons we LOVE gymnastics. These are the stories why we continue to LOVE gymnastics.

I encourage all of you to tell your great stories. I LOVE to hear your journeys. I LOVE that you were involved in our sport and I LOVE that I am meeting new family members. These are the people who make our great sport, great. I want to know everyone’s stories, I want to meet everyone, I want to know everyone. I will try to tell as many as I can, but I want to hear them from you.

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