Get Psyched!

Articles, Advice, and Stories For Athletes, Coaches, and Sports Parents from Olympian Wendy Bruce.


I am a mom, wife, mental toughness trainer, gymnastics coach, and Olympian.

I won a team bronze medal in Barcelona, Spain during the 1992 Olympics, after finishing gymnastics I got married and had children (not in that order).

Over the past 35 years I have seen and been a part of many outrageous and amazing experiences.

My stories come from my unique perspective as an athlete, coach, mom, and mental trainer.

As an mental toughness trainer and coach I write stories that help athletes overcome fears, grow their self esteem, and competing with confidence.

As a mom I write stories about my incredible failures and I help other parents of athletes not repeat my examples.

As an Olympian I write stories about my life and what it took for me to achieve dream.

Enjoy my stories. I certainly enjoy telling them.

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