There are many times where I have wanted to write a story on someone that did me wrong. I have wanted to shout to the world about other’s indiscretions, but I try to refrain from doing harm. Many times I am inspired to blog about these situations, but I do try to take the person out of the story. Last night I was scrolling thorough Facebook and came across two posts.

     The first post was from a former gymnastic’s parent publicly tearing me apart and the second post was tearing a friend of mine’s business apart. Of course I disagree with the poor review about me because the person wrote the review before they even talked to me. Instead they went on a hate rant about me even though they were upset about something that didn’t even happen. I quickly got over my hateful post, but was stuck on the other post.

     This other post was a hateful review about a family business in my hometown. The person who wrote this post gave out the name of the business, address, and phone number. The person was upset because they didn’t like the condescending tone of the owner. And yes, if she was upset because she felt she was being talked to in a demeaning manner, I agree that is unacceptable. But to publicly call out a family business with the purpose of only costing them business is just as unacceptable as the poor customer service they were complaining about in the first place.

     There are times when we are all unhappy with businesses or the service that we were given. But to go on social media and maliciously harm a business is just plain mean. Instead it would make more sense to contact the business and calmly talk to them about your interaction and let them try to make it right. And if it does work then take your business elsewhere.  

     These people have feelings, children, and families and if they do something wrong it would be nice not to have every mistake posted in a hate post. Just like if the person posting made a mistake, I am pretty sure they wouldn’t want it posted all over the internet. The post about me was hurtful and mean and written to tell the world that I was a terrible coach. But if that person would have called to talk to me, maybe they would have learned that it was all a misunderstanding. Instead they let their feelings and imagination take control and create a situation that filled them with anger. Then they wanted to cause me pain and hurt so they decided to publicly shame me.  

     Words do hurt and just because we can verbally destroy someone doesn’t mean we should.