If your friends all jumped off a bridge, would you jump too? I probably would, just because I have such a hard time telling people “no”.

Last month I was approached with an amazing business opportunity. It just fell out of the sky and landed gently on my lap. I looked at it and immediately fell in love. It was something that was low risk, low investment, and I would have been able to work with some really amazing people. I was hooked. I knew that I could make the business a huge success; I knew I had the work ethic and skill set to grow the business into a dynasty. I had no doubt.

But I also knew that it was down a path that I didn’t necessarily want to go down. I had thought about going down that path before and always chose to stay away. I was already on a path and loved the direction I was going. If I chose this new path I would have had to not only gone in a completely opposite direction, but I would have had to use a different car, listen to a different radio station, take different passengers, and this path would have ended up in a completely different location. So why did I say yes?

Because, I could. I knew that I was the right person for this business and they needed me. And I didn’t want to tell them “no”. I loved that they wanted me and I loved that they needed me. I also loved that it was something I knew I could do and do well.

And then it hit me, I was going to commit my next ten years of my life to do something just because I could. Not because I wanted to do it. Not because it was my passion. Not because it filled a desire in my heart.

I finally gathered the courage to gently decline the offer and within a minute after hanging up the phone, a comforting sense of peace entered my body. I knew it was the right decision.