As we move into another competition season it’s important to remember this bit of advice. See no fear, hear no fear, speak no fear.

It is easy to get caught up with the “what ifs”. What if I fall? What if I forget my routine? What if I don’t throw my skills?

The “what ifs” can create a problem where there wasn’t one to begin with. They can make you think about things that may or may not happen. They can even make you think about things that were never going to happen until you started to think that they could.

The “what ifs” are nasty little seeds of doubt that love to get inside your head and fill it with fear. If left untreated the “what ifs” can grow into enormous and powerful fears and doubts. Once these seeds of doubt grow they can be hard to get rid of. Make sure that you free yourself from the “what ifs” by seeing no fear, hearing no fear, and speaking no fear.

Make sure you stay away from thinking any negative thoughts about your performance. Only think about what you need to do to hit. Seeing yourself fall does not help you gain confidence. Use your visualization style to help you hit. And if you see another team fall, their fall does not become your fall. Use their fall as a learning experience. What did they do wrong and what can you do to hit?

Make sure that you stay away from hearing negative thoughts from your teammates. Only say encouraging words to each other. It will make a difference and it does matter. When your team is on the same page and you are focused on kicking butt and taking names, it creates a culture of aggressive and empowered athletes.

Make sure that you stay away from speaking negative thoughts to yourself. Keep away from the “I hope I don’t fall” or “Oh my gosh, that team is so much better than us”. These thoughts don’t help you perform with confidence. Focus only on what you CAN do. Focus on performing each skill and stay in the moment.

When you feel yourself start with the “what ifs”; STOP. Worrying doesn’t make champions. Instead think, hear, and speak aggressive statements that will pump you up and get you ready to attack.