I will admit that there are a lot of articles going around kind of bashing the sports parent. And although there have been many times when we have maybe all lost our cool, did the wrong thing, got caught up in gossip, and become close to crossing the line between helpful and overbearing there are many of us that are really great sports parents.

The reason I say that we are really great sports parents isn’t because I am self centered, but because I know that I am not a perfect parent and I am always trying to improve myself and learn. And the fact that I want to continue to learn from my mistakes is what makes me a great parent.

Yes, I have stood under my daughter’s diving board when she was seven and threatened her to jump. Yes, I have lectured my kids ALL the way home from practice in an desperate attempt to control their every move. Yes, I have felt jealous toward other athletes. But now I have learned that I was wrong in the past and I work very hard to try to do the right thing.

When I was a coach there were defiantly those parents that had a distorted view on their child’s career. They may have thought their child was supposed to be in a higher level then their talent actually showed, they may have yelled corrections to their athlete from the sidelines, or they may have been offended that their child didn’t win a ribbon, but years later when I see those parents many seem to have come through those crazy years quite well. Only a few remain to be over-controlling, overbearing, and over involved.

Just because we may have gone astray one or two time during trying to figure out this confusing and emotional sports parenting life does mean we have to be labeled “Crazy” for life.

There are many many parents that I come in contact with that are wonderful, helpful, and supportive parents. (These are actually the parents that read all the articles on how to be even better parents.) Many of us are really just trying our best. We love our children and just want the best for them.

So if there are times when I lose my way and yell, gossip, have poor sportsmanship, get jealous, or pushy please don’t judge me. I am not crazy. I am just a mom and I am trying to do my best.