Yes, I remember this. I wasn’t “swimming” I was taking a bath. We weren’t really allowed to go walk the village before the competition, so after practice I did what I normally did. We went back to the Olympic village and I took a bath. Dominique Dawes knocked on the door and said that they were allowed and hour to walk around. She said we had to leave immediately, and since I was in the middle of shaving my legs and washing my hair, I knew I couldn’t go. The girls left and when they got back they were excited and psyched. They ran up into the apartment and were telling me the story about the Dream Team. They told me how they were called on the bus, got pictures and autographs, and even exchanged pins. I wasn’t very happy. I had missed a huge opportunity. All for clean hair and shaved legs.


INDIANAPOLIS — As the nation’s best gymnasts compete here with the Rio Olympics in the back (or front) of their minds, an Olympic gold medalist from another sport expects to peek into the action.

The Indiana Pacers team president said he planned to emerge from his downstairs office to take in the P&G Championships at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

It would not be Larry Bird’s first encounter with gymnastics.

Bird was of course part of the 1992 U.S. Olympic basketball team — the Dream Team — in Barcelona.

There, he triggered a meeting among the basketball giants and the shortest girls on the U.S. delegation in Spain.

“We went over to [the athletes’ village to] get, I think, our credentials,” Bird said while leaning back in his office and holding a soda can on Thursday morning. “There was a lot people around, but these little girls were by our bus. I…

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