I read this article this morning and one like it last called “An open letter to my children, you’re not that great.”

Both articles made me think about how when we award for mediocrity we are doing an injustice to our children. Don’t get me wrong. I love complimenting children when they succeed and helping them become empowered, I give unconditional love and do not judge them when they make mistakes. But when they feel above someone else or entitled to rewards just because they took part, we aren’t teaching them the important lessons in life.


Ten things to think about before you say that your child is too good to be in a group with Sally.

1- In the average adult life people do not go walking around saying they are too good to work with another adult. “I am a much better graphic designer than you, I shouldn’t even be working in the same building as you.” This doesn’t happen, because it’s ridiculous, so why then is it okay for you to have an opinion about whom your child shares a dance stage, or a soccer field, or a hockey rink with?

2- One of the key words we are talking about here is CHILD, as in a young flourishing individual whom needs direction and role models to help shape their personal and moral philosophies. There is a strong need for parents to teach compassion and patience in their children, they are a large…

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