Here is a wonderful story from a friend. She tells her story about when her daughter had to sit the bench. Her honesty helps us all, because we all go through these situations. By Cayce Broker telling her story, she lets us see that we are all trying to do our best.

“Had an emotional event with my daughter this weekend….
She had a basketball πŸ€ game Saturday night. She was so excited!!! We had friends and family come to see her play and she was so proud!! The game begins and our team was amazing right out of the gate! The first turns quarter turns into the second and the second into the third. With every passing second she didn’t play, I became emotional. She was the VERY LAST girl to be put in and my heart sank. She’s not in the group of the best players and that’s ok with me…. but to go so long without play time was hard to watch. She did play some of the third and most of the fourth quarter and played well.
Once we got home, I could not hold back my tears any longer. I was upset for her, and worried that she was embarrassed. Let’s be honest… no one wants to watch their kid sit on the bench. I began to cry even more which lead to some texting of dear friends and some soul searching on my end.
Does this REALLY matter? Should it REALLY matter? I got caught up in a STUPID basketball πŸ€ game. I’m human after all and let Satan really get it my head…. but there has to be a reason it happened.
I needed a good swift kick in the pants … I already have an AMAZING child with or without basketball πŸ€. My job is teach her that there is MORE to life than this particular situation. My job is that she knows Jesus and she is already on an amazing path with her Savior. Once that reminder came over me I was at peace. I talked with Cylin about it and we prayed. She was upset but said she had a good time at her game. At the end of it all she said… “Mom…some popcorn 🍿 would really make it all better.”
That’s my girl.”