Last New Year’s day I made 40 (because I was turning 40) resolutions. And I didn’t follow through with any of them. I resolved to:
Run a half marathon, do a mud run, get my gymnastics judging certification, lose 5 pounds, read books for pleasure, and 35 more that I won’t bore you with.

Usually I would have considered the year a failure and I would have had a very difficult time with the fact that I didn’t live up to the expectations that I set up for myself. I wanted the year to be epic because I was turning 40 and I thought it would be challenging to accomplish all 40 of my goals. I wanted to prove to myself that even though I was turning 40, I still had “it”. But along the way life happened.

Time became an issue and so I turned my attention to my family, school, and friends. And with that I ended up having a very successful year. Instead of achieving any of the resolutions that I created at the beginning of the year, I achieved other unplanned accomplishments:
I finally graduated college
I launched my new Mental Coaching Business
I read 9 textbooks on psychology
I only received one mid-night text from an angry parent
I spent quality time with friends
I watched my children earn spots on their cheer teams
I stopped trying to fix everyone’s problems
I was reminded that family is everything
I started to blog more
I got a new car
I met new friends
I reconnected with old friends
I forgave
I asked for forgiveness
I had an amazing year

It just goes to show you that sometimes when plan A doesn’t work out, plan B is better.