“Once a person believes that something is true (whether it is true or not), he then acts as if it were”
Dr. Robert Anthony

Have you ever seen a 5 pound Chihuahua bully a 100 pound Rottweiler? Of course the owner of the Chihuahua always says “He thinks he’s a big dog.” We all assume that the Chihuahua has no idea that this 100 pound Rottweiler could obviously sit on him and crush him, and for some reason the Rottweiler seems to believe the Chihuahua IS the stronger dog and so the 100 pound dog bows down to the 5 pound dog.

Think about a belief that you may have about yourself. It may be that you are a great baker or it even may be that you hate working out.

If you believe that you are a great baker, chances are you may bake a lot. The more you bake the better you become. The better you become the more risky recipes you are willing to try. And in time you may even become an even better baker. Then your belief of being a great baker builds to a belief that you are an amazing baker.

What if your belief was that you hate working out. Then you probably rarely go to the gym and when you do go to the gym, you hate being there and everything in the gym seems to bothers you. The person at the front desk may have taken too long to acknowledge you and think that the gym now has terrible customer service. Then you walk over to the weight machines and instead of asking a trainer for help, you get frustrated that the machines seem too complicated and you walk away. Then you decide to try a class, but the only class at that time is Yoga (you don’t care for Yoga) and you complain that they don’t even have good classes. Believe it or not subconsciously you are looking for reasons to hate the gym because you are trying to prove your belief to yourself. And you successfully confirm your belief that you hate gyms and now hate them even more.

Today let’s decide to change an unhealthy belief you have about something. Let’s decide to take a belief that may be holding us back, stopping us from being happy, or let’s start breaking down a wall of lies we may have built up. Little by little we can turn hurtful beliefs we have about ourselves around and start believing that we have the power to do anything.

Let’s start believing that we are a BIG DOG.