In lieu of all the list articles going around, I decided to create my own. This is a very important list of the things I did on my very first day of the three day Labor Day weekend.

10. I washed the floors. Boy did they need some mopping. I used an entire bottle of Mr. Clean, my eyes only burned for a little, but I opened the window and aired out the house. Now my floors no longer smell like dog.

9. I vacuumed my bedroom. I also forget how much dog hair accumulates under the bed. After I was done there was a rat sized ball of fur in the vacuum. I really don’t know how the dog has any fur left.

8. I washed my bedsheets. Nothing like the smell of April fresh Downey and fluffy sheets while falling asleep.

7. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean, Ella Enchanted, and Tarzan. I will admit I like watching kid movies because my attention span is that of a child, but if I knew where the remote was then I probably would have watched something else. I was stuck in the living room because as we all know…football season started today and so I am kicked out of the “Man Room” until January.

6. I made dinner. It was okay. I ate it.

5. I wrote a top 10 list.

4. I made myself a drink and then I drank it. Vodka and Cranberry is my favorite. I have to add more cranberry than vodka because I do not like the taste of alcohol. Maybe I had too much vodka because I decided to write a top 10 list after the drink.

3. I kicked my already injured toe into my other leg while walking. Although this may be confusing to some, I was walking and because I am so coordinated, I kicked myself and reinjured my big toe. This is a problem because I just got a Cortisone shot in my toe yesterday. The doctor gave me very explicit directions to be careful with it so I didn’t ruin the effectiveness of the shot. I can pretty much guarantee that I really messed up the effectiveness of the shot. My toe is swollen and I can’t move it anymore.

2. I had a wonderful breakfast with my mother. We don’t get together much anymore because she has a social life like a teenager and she forgets to pencil me in, but she found time for me this morning and breakfast was delicious.

1. I woke up at 6:00am and drove my girls to cheer camp. This may not seem like a big deal, but in the cheer world it is huge. Our cheer gym partnered up with the best gym in the country and this weekend they got to spend time bonding with athletes and coaches they idolize. I still pinch myself and expect to wake up from this cheer dream. One day my girls are watching these other girls and boys compete and the next they are teammates. It is pretty amazing.

All in all this day was amazing. I hope tomorrow is filled with as much excitement as today.