Last weekend we had our first cheerleading competition and our gym had some not so good moments, but they also had many amazing inspirational moments. For those not so good moments I hope the athletes learned that there was a little more work that needed to be done in the gym. For those amazing and inspiring moments, well, that is why our kids cheer. Those moments made all the tears, pain, sore muscles, aggravation, frustration, nervousness, and work worth it. And even though those moments brought tears to our eyes, we didn’t get first place but we did win.

The weeks leading up to the competition were stressful. It was crunch time. The coaches were nervous and the athletes were nervous; which made all the parents nervous. The tension was high and emotions were all over the place. There really is nothing like the week before the first competition. After all, it is a new year with a new team, new routines, new team members, new uniforms, new music, new stunts, new tumbling, new jumps, new dance, and new goals.

The exciting thing about cheer is that for two minutes and 30 seconds everything has to come together, the stars have to align and the cheer gods have to place all of the 20 cheerleaders in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time. It really is quite a miracle to have everything work out and to have the cheer team hit.

For a parent, there is nothing like the feeling you get when you watch your child fight through fears, ignore the pressure, and compete like a champion. For that one moment of amazement, for that one smile on your child’s face, for that one feeling of pure accomplishment there is nothing quite like it, and for that one moment, that is why we cheer.